XSquawkBox (32 and 64-bit):

Attachment Size
XSquawkBox 1.3.2 (Windows, MacOS X 10.8+ and 64-bit Linux) 13.0 MB
XSquawkBox 1.3.2 for Older Linuxes (64-bit Linux binary only – requires main download above) 1.2 MB

Previously released versions:

Attachment Size
XSquawkBox_12 (32-bit and 64-bit – Windows and MacOS X) 10.05 MB
xsb_mac_vatsim_1.0.6 (32-bit only) 10.05 MB
xsb_lin_vatsim_1.0.6 (32-bit only) 10.43 MB
xsb_win_vatsim_1.0.6 (32-bit only) 10.91 MB

IVAO-Compatible Builds

The original XSquawkBox 1.0 was built for both VATSIM and IVAO.  IVAO support was disciontinued in new builds; we do not provide any support for these old builds, nor will we provide the older VATSIM builds.  Use these builds to connect to a legacy network server at your own risk.

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