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This structure contains all of the parameters needed to create a wiget. It is used with XPUCreateWidgets to create widgets in bulk from an array. All parameters correspond to those of XPCreateWidget except for the container index. If the container index is equal to the index of a widget in the array, the widget in the array passed to XPUCreateWidgets is used as the parent of this widget. Note that if you pass an index greater than your own position in the array, the parent you are requesting will not exist yet. If the container index is NO_PARENT, the parent widget is specified as NULL. If the container index is PARAM_PARENT, the widget passed into XPUCreateWidgets is used.
typedef struct {
     int                       left;
     int                       top;
     int                       right;
     int                       bottom;
     int                       visible;
     const char *              descriptor;
     int                       isRoot;
     int                       containerIndex;
     XPWidgetClass             widgetClass;
} XPWidgetCreate_t;