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{{SDK Example C 100}}
{{SDK Example C 100}}
<sample_code t="TestEnums">
<sample_code t="TestEnums">
TestEnums Example
Written by Sandy Barbour - 23/04/2004
This examples shows how to send key and joystick commands
#include "XPLMPlugin.h"
#include "XPLMUtilities.h"
#include "XPLMProcessing.h"
#include "XPLMMenus.h"
#include "XPLMGraphics.h"
#include "XPLMPlanes.h"
#include "XPLMDataAccess.h"
#include "XPWidgets.h"
#include "XPStandardWidgets.h"
#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#if IBM
#include <windows.h>
#define MAX_VIEW_ENUMS 21
#define MAX_AP_STATES 12
static int MenuItem1, KeyCommandLinePosition, JoystickCommandLinePosition, ViewEnumsLinePosition, AutopilotStateLinePosition;
// Widgets
static XPWidgetID TestEnumsWidget = NULL, TestEnumsWindow = NULL;
static XPWidgetID SendKeyCommandButton = NULL, KeyCommandText = NULL, KeyCommandIDText = NULL, KeyUpArrow = NULL, KeyDownArrow = NULL;
static XPWidgetID SendJoystickCommandButtonPress = NULL, SendJoystickCommandButtonRelease = NULL, JoystickCommandText = NULL, JoystickCommandIDText = NULL, JoystickUpArrow = NULL, JoystickDownArrow = NULL;
static XPWidgetID SendViewEnumsButton = NULL, ViewEnumsText = NULL, ViewEnumsIDText = NULL, ViewEnumsUpArrow = NULL, ViewEnumsDownArrow = NULL;
static XPWidgetID SendAutopilotStateButton = NULL, AutopilotStateText = NULL, AutopilotStateIDText = NULL, AutopilotStateUpArrow = NULL, AutopilotStateDownArrow = NULL;
static XPWidgetID V6CheckBox = {NULL};
static XPLMDataRef gViewType = NULL, gAutopilotState = NULL;
typedef struct _MESSAGE_STRUCT
char MessageText[80];
int MessageEnum;
typedef struct _MESSAGE_STRUCT2
char MessageText[80];
int MessageEnumV6;
int MessageEnumV7;
{"Pause Sim", xplm_key_pause},
{"Reverse Thrust", xplm_key_revthrust},
{"Jettison", xplm_key_jettison},
    {"Brakes Regular", xplm_key_brakesreg},
    {"Brakes Max", xplm_key_brakesmax},
{"Toggle Gear", xplm_key_gear},
    {"Time Down", xplm_key_timedn},
    {"Time Up", xplm_key_timeup},
    {"FADEC", xplm_key_fadec},
    {"AP Disconnect", xplm_key_otto_dis},
    {"AP Auto Throttle", xplm_key_otto_atr},
    {"AP Air Speed", xplm_key_otto_asi},
    {"AP Heading", xplm_key_otto_hdg},
    {"AP GPS", xplm_key_otto_gps},
    {"AP Wing Leveler", xplm_key_otto_lev},
    {"AP HNAV", xplm_key_otto_hnav},
    {"AP Altitude", xplm_key_otto_alt},
    {"AP Vertical Speed", xplm_key_otto_vvi},
    {"AP VNAV", xplm_key_otto_vnav},
    {"AP NAV1", xplm_key_otto_nav1},
    {"AP NAV2", xplm_key_otto_nav2},
    {"TARG Down", xplm_key_targ_dn},
    {"TARG Up", xplm_key_targ_up},
    {"Heading Down", xplm_key_hdgdn},
    {"Heading Up", xplm_key_hdgup},
    {"Barometer Down", xplm_key_barodn},
    {"Barometer Up", xplm_key_baroup},
    {"OBS1 Down", xplm_key_obs1dn},
    {"OBS1 Up", xplm_key_obs1up},
    {"OBS2 Down", xplm_key_obs2dn},
    {"OBS2 Up", xplm_key_obs2up},
    {"COM1 1", xplm_key_com1_1},
    {"COM1 2", xplm_key_com1_2},
{"COM1 3", xplm_key_com1_3},
    {"COM1 4", xplm_key_com1_4},
    {"NAV1 1", xplm_key_nav1_1},
    {"NAV1 2", xplm_key_nav1_2},
    {"NAV1 3", xplm_key_nav1_3},
    {"NAV1 4", xplm_key_nav1_4},
    {"COM2 1", xplm_key_com2_1},
    {"COM2 2", xplm_key_com2_2},
{"COM2 3", xplm_key_com2_3},
{"COM2 4", xplm_key_com2_4},
{"NAV2 1", xplm_key_nav2_1},
{"NAV2 2", xplm_key_nav2_2},
{"NAV2 3", xplm_key_nav2_3},
{"NAV2 4", xplm_key_nav2_4},
{"ADF 1", xplm_key_adf_1},
{"ADF 2", xplm_key_adf_2},
{"ADF 3", xplm_key_adf_3},
{"ADF 4", xplm_key_adf_4},
{"ADF 5", xplm_key_adf_5},
{"ADF 6", xplm_key_adf_6},
{"XPDR 1", xplm_key_transpon_1},
{"XPDR 2", xplm_key_transpon_2},
{"XPDR 3", xplm_key_transpon_3},
{"XPDR 4", xplm_key_transpon_4},
{"XPDR 5", xplm_key_transpon_5},
{"XPDR 6", xplm_key_transpon_6},
{"XPDR 7", xplm_key_transpon_7},
{"XPDR 8", xplm_key_transpon_8},
{"Flaps Up", xplm_key_flapsup},
{"Flaps Down", xplm_key_flapsdn},
{"Carb Heat Off", xplm_key_cheatoff},
{"Carb Heat On", xplm_key_cheaton},
{"Speed Brake Off", xplm_key_sbrkoff},
{"Speed Brake On", xplm_key_sbrkon},
{"Aileron Trim Left", xplm_key_ailtrimL},
{"Aileron Trim Right", xplm_key_ailtrimR},
{"Rudder Trim Left", xplm_key_rudtrimL},
{"Rudder Trim Right", xplm_key_rudtrimR},
{"Elevator Trim Down", xplm_key_elvtrimD},
{"Elevator Trim Up", xplm_key_elvtrimU},
{"Forward", xplm_key_forward},
{"Down", xplm_key_down},
{"Left", xplm_key_left},
{"Right", xplm_key_right},
{"Back", xplm_key_back},
{"Tower", xplm_key_tower},
{"Runway", xplm_key_runway},
{"Chase", xplm_key_chase},
{"Free 1", xplm_key_free1},
{"Free 2", xplm_key_free2},
{"Spot", xplm_key_spot},
{"Full Screen 1", xplm_key_fullscrn1},
{"Full Screen 2", xplm_key_fullscrn2},
{"Transparent", xplm_key_tanspan},
{"Smoke", xplm_key_smoke},
{"Map", xplm_key_map},
{"Zoom In", xplm_key_zoomin},
{"Zoom Out", xplm_key_zoomout},
{"Cycle Dump", xplm_key_cycledump},
{"Replay", xplm_key_replay},
{"Transponder ID", xplm_key_tranID},
{"Max", xplm_key_max}
{"Nothing", xplm_joy_nothing},
{"Start All", xplm_joy_start_all},
{"Start 0", xplm_joy_start_0},
{"Start 1", xplm_joy_start_1},
{"Start 2", xplm_joy_start_2},
{"Start 3", xplm_joy_start_3},
{"Start 4", xplm_joy_start_4},
{"Start 5", xplm_joy_start_5},
{"Start 6", xplm_joy_start_6},
{"Start 7", xplm_joy_start_7},
{"Throttle Up", xplm_joy_throt_up},
{"Throttle Down", xplm_joy_throt_dn},
{"Prop Up", xplm_joy_prop_up},
{"Prop Down", xplm_joy_prop_dn},
{"Mixture Up", xplm_joy_mixt_up},
{"mixture Down", xplm_joy_mixt_dn},
{"Carb Toggle", xplm_joy_carb_tog},
{"Carb On", xplm_joy_carb_on},
{"Carb Off", xplm_joy_carb_off},
{"Trim Elevator", xplm_joy_trev},
{"Trim Up", xplm_joy_trm_up},
{"Trim Down", xplm_joy_trm_dn},
{"Rotor Trim Up", xplm_joy_rot_trm_up},
{"Rotor Trim Down", xplm_joy_rot_trm_dn},
{"Rudder Left", xplm_joy_rud_lft},
{"Rudder Centre", xplm_joy_rud_cntr},
{"Rudder Right", xplm_joy_rud_rgt},
{"Aileron Left", xplm_joy_ail_lft},
{"Aileron Centre", xplm_joy_ail_cntr},
{"Aileron Right", xplm_joy_ail_rgt},
{"B Rudder Left", xplm_joy_B_rud_lft},
{"B Rudder Right", xplm_joy_B_rud_rgt},
{"Look Up", xplm_joy_look_up},
{"Look Down", xplm_joy_look_dn},
{"Look Left", xplm_joy_look_lft},
{"Look Right", xplm_joy_look_rgt},
{"Glance Left", xplm_joy_glance_l},
{"Glance Right", xplm_joy_glance_r},
{"View Forward No HUD", xplm_joy_v_fnh},
{"View Forward HUD", xplm_joy_v_fwh},
{"View Transparent", xplm_joy_v_tra},
{"View Tower", xplm_joy_v_twr},
{"View Runway", xplm_joy_v_run},
  {"View Chase", xplm_joy_v_cha},
{"View Free 1", xplm_joy_v_fr1},
{"View Free 2", xplm_joy_v_fr2},
    {"View Spo", xplm_joy_v_spo},
{"Flaps Up", xplm_joy_flapsup},
{"Flaps Down", xplm_joy_flapsdn},
{"Vector Sweep Forward", xplm_joy_vctswpfwd},
{"Vector Sweep Aft", xplm_joy_vctswpaft},
{"Gear Toggle", xplm_joy_gear_tog},
{"Gear Up", xplm_joy_gear_up},
{"Gear Down", xplm_joy_gear_down},
{"Left Brake", xplm_joy_lft_brake},
{"Right Brake", xplm_joy_rgt_brake},
{"Brakes Regular", xplm_joy_brakesREG},
{"Brakes Max", xplm_joy_brakesMAX},
{"Speed Brake", xplm_joy_speedbrake},
{"AP Disconnect", xplm_joy_ott_dis},
{"AP Auto Throttle", xplm_joy_ott_atr},
{"AP Airspeed", xplm_joy_ott_asi},
{"AP Heading", xplm_joy_ott_hdg},
{"AP Altitude", xplm_joy_ott_alt},
{"AP Vertical Speed", xplm_joy_ott_vvi},
{"Timer Start", xplm_joy_tim_start},
{"Timer Reset", xplm_joy_tim_reset},
{"ECAM Up", xplm_joy_ecam_up},
{"ECAM Down", xplm_joy_ecam_dn},
{"FADEC", xplm_joy_fadec},
{"Yaw Damper", xplm_joy_yaw_damp},
{"Arificial Stability", xplm_joy_art_stab},
{"Chute", xplm_joy_chute},
{"JATO", xplm_joy_JATO},
{"Arrester", xplm_joy_arrest},
{"Jettison", xplm_joy_jettison},
{"Fuel Dump", xplm_joy_fuel_dump},
{"Puff Smoke", xplm_joy_puffsmoke},
{"Pre-Rotate", xplm_joy_prerotate},
{"UL Pre-Rotate", xplm_joy_UL_prerot},
{"UL Collect", xplm_joy_UL_collec},
{"TOGA", xplm_joy_TOGA},
{"Shutdown", xplm_joy_shutdown},
{"Contact ATC", xplm_joy_con_atc},
{"Fail Now", xplm_joy_fail_now},
{"Pause", xplm_joy_pause},
{"Rocket Up", xplm_joy_rock_up},
{"Rocket Down", xplm_joy_rock_dn},
{"Rocket Left", xplm_joy_rock_lft},
{"Rocket Right", xplm_joy_rock_rgt},
{"Rocket Forward", xplm_joy_rock_for},
{"Rocket Aft", xplm_joy_rock_aft},
{"Idle HILO", xplm_joy_idle_hilo},
{"Landing Lights", xplm_joy_lanlights},
{"Max", xplm_joy_max}
{"Forward", 600, 1000},
{"Forward 04", 601, 1001},
{"Forward 08", 602, 1002},
{"Left 45", 604, 1004},
{"Right 45", 605, 1005},
{"Left 90", 606, 1006},
{"Right 90", 607, 1007},
{"Left 130", 608, 1008},
{"Right 130", 609, 1009},
{"Backward", 610, 1010},
{"Left Up", 611, 1011},
{"Right Up", 612, 1012},
{"Tower", 614, 1014},
{"Runway", 615, 1015},
{"Chase", 617, 1017},
{"Free 1", 618, 1018},
{"Free 2", 619, 1019},
{"Spot", 620, 1020},
{"Lin", 0, 1021},
{"Forward HUD", 622, 1023},
{"Forward No HUD", 623, 1024}
static MESSAGE_STRUCT AutopilotStates[MAX_AP_STATES] =
{"Auto Throttle", 1},
{"Heading Hold", 2},
{"Wing Leveler On", 4},
{"Airspeed Hold", 8},
{"VVI Climb", 16},
{"Altitude Hold", 32},
{"Level Change", 64},
{"Auto Sync", 128},
{"HNAV Armed", 256},
{"HNAV Engaged", 512},
{"VNAV Armed", 1024},
{"VNAV Engaged", 2048}
static int SystemBufferIndex = 0;
static char SystemMessagesBuffer[109][255];
static void UpdateSystemBuffer(char *pBuffer);
static void UpdateSystemListBox(int ScrollBarPosition);
static void TestEnumsMenuHandler(void *, void *);
static void CreateTestEnumsWidget(int x1, int y1, int w, int h);
static int TestEnumsHandler(
XPWidgetMessage inMessage,
XPWidgetID inWidget,
intptr_t inParam1,
intptr_t inParam2);
PLUGIN_API int XPluginStart(
char * outName,
char * outSig,
char * outDesc)
XPLMMenuID id;
int item;
strcpy(outName, "Test Enums");
strcpy(outSig, "xpsdk.examples.TestEnums");
strcpy(outDesc, "A plug-in that tests Enums.");
// Create our menu
item = XPLMAppendMenuItem(XPLMFindPluginsMenu(), "TestEnums", NULL, 1);
id = XPLMCreateMenu("TestEnums", XPLMFindPluginsMenu(), item, TestEnumsMenuHandler, NULL);
XPLMAppendMenuItem(id, "Test Panel", (void *)"TestEnums", 1);
gViewType = XPLMFindDataRef("sim/graphics/view/view_type");
gAutopilotState = XPLMFindDataRef("sim/cockpit/autopilot/autopilot_state");
// Flag to tell us if the widget is being displayed.
MenuItem1 = 0;
KeyCommandLinePosition = 0;
JoystickCommandLinePosition = 0;
ViewEnumsLinePosition = 0;
return 1;
PLUGIN_API void XPluginStop(void)
PLUGIN_API int XPluginEnable(void)
return 1;
PLUGIN_API void XPluginDisable(void)
PLUGIN_API void XPluginReceiveMessage(XPLMPluginID inFrom, int inMsg, void * inParam)
void TestEnumsMenuHandler(void * mRef, void * iRef)
// If menu selected create our widget dialog
if (!strcmp((char *) iRef, "TestEnums"))
if (MenuItem1 == 0)
CreateTestEnumsWidget(300, 550, 560, 270);

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