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X-Plane SDK 2.1 API

See full notes Here

Older Release Notes

X-Plane 840

  • Mach-O is now the base plugin format, CFM is hosted. Should have no effect on plugins.
  • Bug fix: previously Mach-O callbacks were not unregistered, now fixed.

X-Plane 830

  • SDK headers modified to not require an explicit DLL path on Linux Pascal.
  • DLLs renamed to have platform-relative endings (e.g. shlb, dll, so, framework).

X-Plane 820

  • Plugins work better with dual-monitor setups.
  • Fixed bug 40: added new dataref sim/cockpit/electrical/batteries_on for multiple batteries
  • Fixed bug 41: added new dataref sim/cockpit/switches/EFIS_map_mode2 for new EFIS modes.
  • Fixed bug 43: XPLMGetPrefsPath always returns platform-native separators, even on Linux.

New Datarefs:


X-Plane 7.40 Release Notes

These are the new features being added to the SDK for 7.40:

  • Plugins can now override X-Plane's ground handling and provide a ground plane that the plane will roll on. See sim/flightmodel/ground/ for the datarefs.
  • All failures are now individual datarefs. The old array required plugins to know Austin's enum scheme, which was not stable. The new datarefs provide direct access to over 100 failures.
  • More datarefs: more control over sound (see sim/operations/sound/), access to the airport lighting levels, build date and time for the sim and SDK DLLs(sim/version/), access to the fire key.
  • The autopilot state (sim/cockpit/autopilot/autopilot_state) can now be written to to actuate Autopilot modes. In particular, the flight-level-change button, which lacks an enum for XPLMCommandKeyStroke, can be accessed using this dataref.

Important: starting with 7.40, the non-UI fonts are only available when a legacy plane with a custom panel is loaded! This is because those fonts no longer exist in the regular panel system. If you are not using a plugin that is locked to a custom plane, it is not safe to use these new enums. (See XPLMFontID for more enums; only xplmFont_Basic is safe everywhere.)