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!!! Registering Plugin Signatures and Datarefs

When a plugin loads, it provide its "signature", a string that is unique to that plugin. When plugins create datarefs they also use a string to name the dataref.

Registering your plugin means announcing to the entire development community what strings your plugin uses. That way other plugin authors can pick strings that won't collide with yours.

You do not have to post your plugin to register it! You do not even have to announce the existence of your plugin to register it - you can simply reserve whole blocks of strings.

When you create plugins, pick signatures and datarefs whose first elements will be unique to your company (or your name if you are a private developer). Then register these strings.

What Needs to be Registered

You should register the beginnings of all strings you use for:

  • Your plugin's signature.
  • Any datarefs you create.

How To Register

To register, simply go to the PluginRegistry page and edit the page to include lines in the listings for both plugin signatures and datarefs for the prefix strings.


Developer John Smith has written a new plugin that connects X-Plane to VATSIM to drive trucks's called "X-VatTruck". John looks and sees that the vatsim.* signatures are reserved by the developer of XSquawkBox. John Smith can do two things:

  1. He can contact the developer of XSquawkBox. The two of them can coordinate names within the vatsim.* domain. Perhaps they settle on vatsim.xvattruck since it is not taken.
  1. He can check that john_smith_plugins is not being used by anyone. He adds john_smith_plugins.* as his domain and names his plugin john_smith_plugins.vatsim.truck (or any other name starting with john_smith_plugins.).