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"Don't worry, Xplane is just a loader to me, the SDK always comes first." -- Sandy Barbour

The X-Plane Plugin SDK allows third party programmers to create plugins for X-Plane. Plugins are programs written in C or another binary-compatible language.

Please note: the X-Plane Plugin SDK is for programmers; if you are not a programmer this site probably doesn't contain much useful information. You can read a non-technical explanation of plugins here.

X-Plane SDK Wiki Migration

We are in the process of changing the X-Plane SDK Wiki from phpwiki to mediaWiki. Read more here.


Get the files you need to start developing plugins.


Online documentation for the plugin APIs.


Sample code, test plugins, and other downloads. etc.


Notes on future API devleopments, RFCs, etc.


This link takes you to the X-Plane SDK bug database. Only use this bug base for X-Plane SDK bugs, __not__ bugs with X-Plane itself. (If you are not a programmer, you should not be using this bug base!)


Contact info, where to get help, mailing lists, lists of plugins, links. (To sign up, click the link below.)

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