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X-Plane SDK Download

The X-Plane SDK download contains the C headers and pascal interface files to compile plugins, and the stub libraries to link plugins for platforms that need them.

You do not need to download any files to run plugins; X-Plane ships with the appropriate infrastructure to host plugins.

All documentation and sample code is available through this web site.

The SDK 1.0 works with X-Plane versions 6.70 and newer. The SDK 2.0 works with X-Plane versions 9.00 and newer. The SDK 2.1 works with X-Plane versions 10.00 and newer. The SDK 2.1.1 works with X-Plane versions 10.00 and newer, and supports 64-bit development on X-Plane 10.20 and newer.

For Macintosh Users:

The X-Plane SDK 1.0 download contains the same data in both packages. However the CFM stub libraries will not work correctly when zipped. So you must use the .sit edition when creating CFM plugins. The .zip version should be fine when making Mach-O plugins, which don't use the CFM stub libraries.

The SDK 2.0 and newer come only in Mach-O format, so no .sit is required. (Since the SDK 2.0 only runs on X-Plane 9, which will not run on Mac OS 8 or 9, there is no need/advantage to create CFM 2.0 plugins. All 2.0 plugins should be universal Mach-O plugins!)