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XPLMMenus - Theory of Operation

Plug-ins can create menus in the menu bar of X-Plane. This is done by creating a menu and then creating items. Menus are referred to by an opaque ID. Items are referred to by index number. For each menu and item you specify a void *. Per menu you specify a handler function that is called with each void * when the menu item is picked. Menu item indices are zero based.



These enumerations define the various 'check' states for an X-Plane menu. 'checking' in x-plane actually appears as a light which may or may not be lit. So there are three possible states.

xplm_Menu_NoCheck0 there is no symbol to the left of the menu item.
xplm_Menu_Unchecked1 the menu has a mark next to it that is unmarked (not lit).
xplm_Menu_Checked2 the menu has a mark next to it that is checked (lit).


typedef void * XPLMMenuID;
This is a unique ID for each menu you create.


typedef void (* XPLMMenuHandler_f)(
                                   void *               inMenuRef,    
                                   void *               inItemRef);    
A menu handler function takes two reference pointers, one for the menu (specified when the menu was created) and one for the item (specified when the item was created).


XPLM_API XPLMMenuID           XPLMFindPluginsMenu(void);
This function returns the ID of the plug-ins menu, which is created for you at startup.


XPLM_API XPLMMenuID           XPLMCreateMenu(
                                   const char *         inName,    
                                   XPLMMenuID           inParentMenu,    
                                   int                  inParentItem,    
                                   XPLMMenuHandler_f    inHandler,    
                                   void *               inMenuRef);    

This function creates a new menu and returns its ID. It returns NULL if the menu cannot be created. Pass in a parent menu ID and an item index to create a submenu, or NULL for the parent menu to put the menu in the menu bar. The menu's name is only used if the menu is in the menubar. You also pass a handler function and a menu reference value. Pass NULL for the handler if you do not need callbacks from the menu (for example, if it only contains submenus).

Important: you must pass a valid, non-empty menu title even if the menu is a submenu where the title is not visible.


XPLM_API void                 XPLMDestroyMenu(
                                   XPLMMenuID           inMenuID);    
This function destroys a menu that you have created. Use this to remove a submenu if necessary. (Normally this function will not be necessary.)


XPLM_API void                 XPLMClearAllMenuItems(
                                   XPLMMenuID           inMenuID);    
This function removes all menu items from a menu, allowing you to rebuild it. Use this function if you need to change the number of items on a menu.


XPLM_API int                  XPLMAppendMenuItem(
                                   XPLMMenuID           inMenu,    
                                   const char *         inItemName,    
                                   void *               inItemRef,    
                                   int                  inForceEnglish);    
This routine appends a new menu item to the bottom of a menu and returns its index. Pass in the menu to add the item to, the items name, and a void * ref for this item. If you pass in inForceEnglish, this menu item will be drawn using the english character set no matter what language x-plane is running in. Otherwise the menu item will be drawn localized. (An example of why you'd want to do this is for a proper name.) See XPLMUtilities for determining the current langauge.


XPLM_API void                 XPLMAppendMenuSeparator(
                                   XPLMMenuID           inMenu);    
This routine adds a seperator to the end of a menu.


XPLM_API void                 XPLMSetMenuItemName(
                                   XPLMMenuID           inMenu,    
                                   int                  inIndex,    
                                   const char *         inItemName,    
                                   int                  inForceEnglish);    
This routine changes the name of an existing menu item. Pass in the menu ID and the index of the menu item.


XPLM_API void                 XPLMCheckMenuItem(
                                   XPLMMenuID           inMenu,    
                                   int                  index,    
                                   XPLMMenuCheck        inCheck);    
Set whether a menu item is checked. Pass in the menu ID and item index.


XPLM_API void                 XPLMCheckMenuItemState(
                                   XPLMMenuID           inMenu,    
                                   int                  index,    
                                   XPLMMenuCheck *      outCheck);    
This routine returns whether a menu item is checked or not. A menu item's check mark may be on or off, or a menu may not have an icon at all.


XPLM_API void                 XPLMEnableMenuItem(
                                   XPLMMenuID           inMenu,    
                                   int                  index,    
                                   int                  enabled);    
Sets whether this menu item is enabled. Items start out enabled.


XPLM_API void                 XPLMRemoveMenuItem(
                                   XPLMMenuID           inMenu,    
                                   int                  inIndex);    
Removes one item from a menu. Note that all menu items below are moved up one; your plugin must track the change in index numbers.