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The X-Plane Plugin Library

The plugin library contains sample code, support for other languages, useful plugins, etc.

Examples Code and Compiler Support

PluginExamples - This page has all the examples for download.

These examples contain simple and advanced plugins illustrating the various aspects of the APIs.

  • Code is in C and Delphi/Kylix.
  • Projects for Metrowerks CodeWarrior 8 and Microsoft Developer Studio 6.
  • Make files are also included for building on Linux with gcc.

This download also has compiled versions of the example plugins and two plugins for inspecting data refs on the fly. (This download contains all of the examples previously found in the X-PlaneSDK download.)

XcodeTemplate - A crib-sheet and project template for working with Xcode.

Code Snippets and Libraries

Code Snippets - Here you will find small pieces of code that may be useful. Post your own too! XPWidgetsLibEx - A static library of useful widgets.

Misc. SDK-Related stuff

SDKRawData - This page contains info on the SDK Raw Data Format

How to Contribute

Contributions should be in the form of a zip file that will become a subdirectory of this page.

The subdirectory must have an index.html file.

If any directories need to be listable on the server, that directory needs an .htaccess text file with the single line below in it.

Options +Indexes

Please include email contact information on the bottom of your web page, and include a brief description. Please make sure the ziparchive contains one root directory; this will become the subdirectory onthe server.


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