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G's, and I assume that means approximately 9.806 metres per second squared.

Description%%% This force is felt in your pants. Positive G's is when your butt is getting squished. Negative G's is when you're losing your lunch. In normal aircraft reference frames, this is in the Z-direction, positive down. So, positive acceleration down, is negative G's. Confusing huh?

- Joshua Lamorie <jpl AT>

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This is the force felt at the centre of gravity of the vehicle, but it is not normal to the vehicle longitudinal axis. It appears to be normal to the lateral axes.

It is primarily normal to the flight path. In order to get the acceleration normal to the vehicle axis, you must get the angle of attack, then take the sine of longitudinal accleration and add it to the cosine of normal acceleration.

- Joshua Lamorie <jpl AT>