X-Plane SDK Documentation - Table of Contents

Programmer's Guides

The programmers guides introduce the basic concepts of the X-Plane plugin system and provide step-by-step instructions for accomplishing basic tasks.
Overview Basic information about the plugin system.
Building Plugins for Macintosh Macintosh specific compiler and build information and instructions.
Building Plugins for Windows Windows specific compiler and build information and instructions.
Plugin Management Interplugin communication, simulator messages and plugin administration.
Data Access Reading flight sim variables and sharing data with other plugins.
Processing Run tasks periodically while the simulator runs.
User Interface Menus, windows, and hot keys.
Graphics Drawing in an X-Plane plugin in 2d and 3d.
Camera Control Controlling X-Plane's camera angles.
Navigation and the FMC Reading the navigation database and programming the FMC.
Aircraft Manipulating the other aircraft, loading aircraft models.
Widgets A library for creating dialog boxes.

Functional Reference

These pages document all of the function calls, data types, constants, and callbacks for the X-Plane plugin API.  Each web page corresponds to a header or interface.
XPLMDefs Basic SDK definitions.
XPLMPlugin Plugin management, simulator messages and interplugin communication.
XPLMDataAccess Simulator data access, plugin data sharing and publishing.
XPLMProcessing Running tasks while the simulator runs.
XPLMDisplay Creating windows, hot keys, key sniffers, and drawing callbacks.
XPLMMenus Creating and managing menus.
XPLMGraphics Drawing in 2d or 3d.
XPLMUtilities Controlling the simulator, miscelanious functions.
XPLMCamera Controlling the X-PLane camera.
XPLMPlanes Accessing other aircraft.
XPLMNavigation Reading the navigation databaes and programming the FMC.
XPWidgetDefs Basic widget message systems.
XPWidgets API reference for manipulating widgets.
XPWidgetUtils Utility functions for managing widgets and building your own widgets.
XPStandardWidgets Definitions of useful common widgets like buttons and text fields.
XPUIGraphics Low level graphic primitives to draw X-Plane style user interface.

Data Reference

These pages contain references for all of the data references in the sim.
DataRefs Complete listings of all X-Plane SDK sim variables.
DataRefs (This is a machine-parsable version of the datarefs.)

Other References

These pages contain additional useful documentation, all of which may be edited by any users of the SDK.
Wiki Front Page A list of all editable documentation resources.