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XPTools - Scenery Tools for X-Plane

What's New:
  • Bug Fixes
  • ObjConverter correctly handles DXF line segments and handles files with funny line endings.
  • TaxiMaker can use materials to make bright signs at dusk in X-Plane 7.41.
  • ObjView can display PNG files.
  • GetImage can read and save PNG files.
  • ObjConverter can save 3DS and DXF files.
XPTools are a series of small utilities for working with x-plane scenery.  Here's a basic list of what they do:


Views X-Plane version 6 and version 7 .obj files with textures.


Converts Obj version 6, 3DS and DXF files to Obj-7 format.


Builds taxiway signs from scripts.


Converts scenery files to text format and back.


Adds many custom objects to a scenery file by terrain type.


Downloads terrain texture files for the US from TerraServer and applies them to scenery files.

System Requirements and Downloading

XPTools run on any machine that can run X-Plane 7.  Simply download and unzip/unstuff the archive.  XPTools do not have to be in teh X-System folder; you can put them anywhere.

Current Version: beta 3, built 6/08/04.
TaxiMaker builds objects that use the "taxi2" bitmap.

Online Documentation

Click here for the online documentation for XPTools.  Please read the docs carefully; XPTools can be tricky!

XPTools Tutorials

The first XPTools tutorial is up.
  • Using GetImage to create accurate taxiway layouts.

Typical Uses for XPTools

Use ObjView to preview texturing and conversion of objects witihout having to start X-Plane.

Use ObjConverter to convert 3DS, DXF and version 6 objects to version 7.
  • Update your version 6 objects to version 7 quickly, then use the new version 7 obj features.
  • Build your objects in a modeling program , then save them as DXF or 3DS and convert them.
Use TaxiMaker to build many taxiway signs for airport scenery.

Use Env2CSV to change Env files to text format.  Once a scenery file is in text format:
  • Copy and paste objects between files.
  • Use search-and-replace to change the name or directory of an object or texture.
Use AddObjects to add custom objects that are custom fit to your custom textures for many objects in cities, or 3-d trees in forests.

Use GetImage to download satelite images and apply them as terrain textures.  
  • Use these photos to then build accurate airport taxiway layouts in WorldMaker.
  • Use these photos to hand-place objects for cities or other scenery.
  • Use these photos as a starter for custom terrain textures.
Use GetImage to combine a series of small bitmaps into larger ones or break larger bitmaps into smaller ones.
  • Edit the larger bitmap in photoshop to change the image quality of all terrain textures at once.
  • Apply a new larger bitmap over the old one in photoshop; GetImage will chop it up and save it as smaller files.

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